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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all orders of all quantities. However, smaller quantity orders will cost more per item. Our normal smallest run is about a twelve pieces.

Yes. As long as the logo does not change, you can choose any arrangement of sizes, and even different shirts, styles and colours.

Of course! Visit our online catalogue. Just choose the product or products you like!

We'll never charge you more than we quote. All setup charges are included in our quotes.

We normally take to the end of 10 business days to have your product ready for ship out or pick up. However, if you need it in a rush, we always try our best to accommodate.

Just let us know what you are looking for. We have many more products available than are on our catalogue.

Of course, we can do it all. Have a particular uniform in mind? We can have your jersey custom created!

Our regular hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, thanks to the internet, our website can provide you with a lot of information all the time. When you need a quote or have any questions, e-mail us for the quickest response. We will respond to your emails within one business day.

Yes, we can embroider or print your personalized name on the product you choose. An additional charge will apply.

If we have already processed your order, changes cannot be made. You can always try to contact us, and if your order is at a stage it can be adjusted, we will do our best to accommodate, but because of the nature of our business, this is not likely.

Since everything we produce is strictly custom printed or embroidered, we cannot take back any returns.

It is always best to order a few more than you think you need to start. Once your order is complete, ordering a few extra shirts is the same as placing a new order.

Definitely! Call us and we will provide you with some current references so you can inquire about our service and quality. You can also take a look at our Testimonials section on the website.